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Postal Hub podcast

Mar 27, 2023

Daniel Rueda, CEO at Open Pricer, on how parcel pricing can be leveraged to help deliver sustainable logistics solutions.

  • The relationship between pricing and sustainability

  • How can investments in new technology and new delivery vehicles be

  • Are consumers ready to pay for environmentally sensitive delivery...

Mar 20, 2023

Jonathan Bouaziz, CEO and co-founder at Kardinal, discusses next-generation route optimisation:

  • The traditional use case for route optimisation in the delivery sector
  • Why doesn't classic route optimisation work any more?
  • Inability of some route optimisers to deal with dynamic parcel volumes and volatility
  • Impact of B2C...

Mar 14, 2023

Mindaugas Cerpickis, Managing Economist at Copenhagen Economics, discusses the state of the European postal sector, including declining letter volumes, growing parcel volumes, competition in the last mile, sustainability, and more

  • Postal sector in Europe is expanding in terms of revenue and headcount
  • Growth in total...

Mar 7, 2023

Luke Lloyd, Head of Markets at the IPC, discusses some of the key findings from IPC's most recent Cross-border E-commerce Shopper Survey.

  • How IPC surveys customers on their delivery preferences
  • Reasons why consumers are overall buying less
  • The value of free delivery
  • E-retailers most used for most recent...

Mar 1, 2023

Dean Maciuba, Managing Partner North America at Crossroads Parcel Consulting, discusses the two US retail giants - Target and Walmart - and the competition with Amazon in the last mile:

  • Walmart and Target's retail footprint, and where their stores are located
  • Grocery as part of Walmart's retail offering
  • Target and...