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Postal Hub podcast

Jan 26, 2022

Austin Reynolds, Manager Market Intelligence at the International Post Corporation (IPC), discusses some of the key findings of the IPC 2021 Global Postal Industry Report, including:
- Geographic spread of the postal operators surveyed for the report
- Posts' performance during the pandemic
- Growth in industry revenue,...

Jan 18, 2022

Angela Hultberg discusses the recent COP26 event and what it means for the delivery and transport sectors:

  • Angela’s work as road transport lead for the Climate Champions in the lead-up to COP26 during 2021
  • Announcements from COP26:
    • Signing of the Zero Emission Vehicle Declaration
    • Global MoU for Heavy...

Jan 12, 2022

Anna Möller Boivie, Managing Director (Stockholm) at Copenhagen Economics, discusses proposals to change the EU Postal Service Directive:

  • Who and what are covered by the Postal Services Directive
  • Parcels are part of the USO (universal service obligation) in some markets
  • Competition in the parcels sector - including...

Jan 6, 2022

Kate Muth, Executive Director at IMAG (International Mailers Advisory Group), gives us an update on advance electronic data and cross-border delivery:

  • What led to an increased focus on EAD:
    • UPU
    • STOP Act
  • Push for 100% provision of AED
  • What happens to US-bound shipments with inaccurate, missing or incomplete...