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Postal Hub podcast

Jan 6, 2022

Kate Muth, Executive Director at IMAG (International Mailers Advisory Group), gives us an update on advance electronic data and cross-border delivery:

  • What led to an increased focus on EAD:
    • UPU
    • STOP Act
  • Push for 100% provision of AED
  • What happens to US-bound shipments with inaccurate, missing or incomplete AED
  • Informed compliance and the “grace period”
  • Outbound shipments from USA, and focus on the US Postal Service collecting 100% EAD
  • Latency in USPS internal systems and what impact that has on outbound international shipments
  • Early drivers of EAD / AED exchange
    • VAT
    • Customs being overwhelmed by low-value parcels
    • Counterfeits
  • Compliance for private carriers compared to postal operators
  • Are customs authorities using all the advance electronic data? Is the data collection being effective in reducing opioids and counterfeits in the mail?
  • Confusion between different rules on data required, eg HS2 codes
  • Customers having to pay more to receive their parcels
  • Movement to reduce de minimis
  • Rejection of US-bound shipments in the most customer-centric way
  • Waivers granted to some countries and the plan to not grant waivers in the future
  • Major topics for cross-border in 2022, including air lift capacity, and proceedings at the UPU