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Postal Hub podcast

Jan 12, 2022

Anna Möller Boivie, Managing Director (Stockholm) at Copenhagen Economics, discusses proposals to change the EU Postal Service Directive:

  • Who and what are covered by the Postal Services Directive
  • Parcels are part of the USO (universal service obligation) in some markets
  • Competition in the parcels sector - including domestic and cross-border
  • Should parcels be regulated?
  • Why the EC has a special interest in cross-border delivery in the European Union
  • Publishing wholesale parcel pricing
  • Regulation covering all carriers (of a certain size) - not just postal operators
  • Amazon getting caught in the definition of a postal operator - and therefore being subject to regulation
  • Standardising regulation and postal market definitions - including widening definition to include other operators such as Amazon
  • Bottlenecks and market failures
  • Next steps for the Postal Services Directive
  • Environmental issues and the Postal Services Directive
  • Letter delivery frequency and speed