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Postal Hub podcast

Mar 27, 2017

My special guest is social entrepreneur Andrew Butcher. Andrew is the founding CEO of GTECH Strategies, an organisation with a focus on transforming vacant land for social good. Recently, Andrew has researched how vacant (and soon-to-become-vacant) land owned by the US Postal Service could be repurposed to help...

Mar 15, 2017

Dean Maciuba from 4Front Consulting joins me to analyse FedEx's new FedEx Fulfilment. We cover what's happening in e-commerce fulfilment right now, what UPS, DHL and Amazon are doing in e-commerce fulfilment, and much more.

Mar 7, 2017

Amazon recently held its earnings call, and Cathy Morrow Roberson from Logistics Trends and Insights joins me to summarise and analyse some of the key points from the call. Also in this episode: behind the scenes at PostalVision2020 with John Callan.