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Postal Hub podcast

Jan 26, 2022

Austin Reynolds, Manager Market Intelligence at the International Post Corporation (IPC), discusses some of the key findings of the IPC 2021 Global Postal Industry Report, including:
- Geographic spread of the postal operators surveyed for the report
- Posts' performance during the pandemic
- Growth in industry revenue, driven by parcel revenue growth despite shrinking letter revenue
- Impact on letter volumes - and what has accelerated the decline in mail volume
- Volume trends in different letter segments, such as advertising mail, and international mail
- Operational changes in response to falling letter volumes
- Postal operators diversifying their businesses, including via acquisitions
- Evolution of parcel volumes during the pandemic
- Postal operators increasing parcel processing capacity
- Increasing competition, local, regional, and global (including e-commerce retailers moving into the last mile)
- Financial performance, and factors influencing financial results - and common factors across the best-performing posts