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Postal Hub podcast

Sep 26, 2022

Professor Alan McKinnon, Professor of Logistics, Kuehne Logistics University, Hamburg, joins me to discuss five strategies to decarbonise urban logistics:

Rationalisation - Route optimisation

Realistic solutions compared to ambitious longer-term options

Switching to lower carbon transport modes


Cargo cycles


Sep 19, 2022

Daniel Rueda, CEO of Open Pricer, discusses parcel pricing strategies, dynamic pricing, fuel surcharges, and more:
  • Key parcel pricing challenges
  • Volatility, inflation, and fluctuating demand influencing costs
  • Impact of fuel price increases
  • Fuel surcharges (or energy surcharges) and limitations of fuel indexation
  • Other...

Sep 14, 2022

Rob King, co-founder and CEO of Zedify, talks about his experience running a cargo bike delivery firm. We cover:

  • Creating better cities via zero emission deliveries
  • Delivering from urban micro-hubs
  • Decoupling trunking and last mile delivery
  • Consolidating consignments for local delivery
  • Partnerships with 3PLs
  • Recycling...