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Postal Hub podcast

Jan 18, 2022

Angela Hultberg discusses the recent COP26 event and what it means for the delivery and transport sectors:

  • Angela’s work as road transport lead for the Climate Champions in the lead-up to COP26 during 2021
  • Announcements from COP26:
    • Signing of the Zero Emission Vehicle Declaration
    • Global MoU for Heavy Vehicles
  • Signatories to the declarations, including vehicle manufacturers
  • Making decarbonisation a global conversation
  • Deadlines for phasing out the internal combustion engine
  • Alternatives to the internal combustion engine - is it all about electrification?
  • The gap between leaders and laggards in decarbonising delivery
  • Growing public interest in sustainability in delivery
  • Reducing emissions while parcel volumes are growing
  • E-commerce’s emphasis on speed and what that means for decarbonising transport - could slower delivery be cheaper and reduce emissions?
  • Free returns, the fashion industry, and the planet
  • At checkout displaying emissions associated with delivery options
  • The special environmental challenge for the postal sector