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Postal Hub podcast

Mar 27, 2023

Daniel Rueda, CEO at Open Pricer, on how parcel pricing can be leveraged to help deliver sustainable logistics solutions.

  • The relationship between pricing and sustainability

  • How can investments in new technology and new delivery vehicles be

  • Are consumers ready to pay for environmentally sensitive delivery solutions?

  • Paradoxes in delivery: price, speed, convenience (in-home vs out-of-home delivery), returns flexibility, and being environmentally friendly

  • Compulsory CO2 labelling of parcel delivery options

  • Using pricing to drive consumer decisions

  • Improving network efficiency - increasing fleet optimisation

  • Increasing load factors and the resulting environmental benefits

  • The need to obsess over load factors and vehicle capacituy

  • Helping e-commerce retailers

  • Pricing: gross weight, volumetric, and volume

  • Open Pricer’s cloud pricing platform