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Postal Hub podcast

Mar 20, 2023

Jonathan Bouaziz, CEO and co-founder at Kardinal, discusses next-generation route optimisation:

  • The traditional use case for route optimisation in the delivery sector
  • Why doesn't classic route optimisation work any more?
  • Inability of some route optimisers to deal with dynamic parcel volumes and volatility
  • Impact of B2C parcel volumes on route optimisation
  • Maximising productivity and profitability of delivery subcontractors, while maintaining margin
  • The battle for talent - keeping the best contractor drivers
  • Route optimising and load balancing across territories
  • Why is territory optimisation more relevant than classic route optimisation these days?
  • Quality of data and impact on route optimisation tools
  • Unlocking value in the delivery network - and not just focusing on the last mile
  • Poor data can be overcome
  • Kardinal's approach to route optimisation
  • Assisting carriers negotiate with subcontractors
  • Defining good mix between different delivery vehicles (e.g. vans, cargo bikes)
  • Helping delivery companies meet emissions targets
  • The "always on" approach to route optimisation
  • Kardinal's new partnership with Escher
  • The strategic imperative of reducing emissions vs the operational realities
  • Defining fleet parameters, optimising territories by suitability of vehicle type, and looking towards the prospective delivery fleet
  • Helping provide visibility of sustainability and profitability