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Postal Hub podcast

Mar 1, 2023

Dean Maciuba, Managing Partner North America at Crossroads Parcel Consulting, discusses the two US retail giants - Target and Walmart - and the competition with Amazon in the last mile:

  • Walmart and Target's retail footprint, and where their stores are located
  • Grocery as part of Walmart's retail offering
  • Target and Shipt - and its success in BOPIS (buy online, pickup in store)
  • Walmart and Target responding to Amazon's efforts in e-commerce and fast fulfilment / delivery
  • Micro fulfilment centres vs regional fulfilment centres in supporting same-day delivery
  • The advantage Walmart and Target have over Amazon in retail sites supporting fast delivery
  • US consumers embracing BOPIS / click-and-collect
  • Customers returning to bricks-and-mortar retailers
  • FedEx stores in Walmart locations
  • Returns and the physical network advantage
  • UPS Store being used for Amazon e-commerce returns
  • Third party returns via Walmart and Target stores
  • Parcel lockers in US retailers for delivery and returns
  • Walmart's GoLocal last mile delivery service
  • Walmart+ in-home delivery to the garage... or even the refigerator!
  • Security concerns about e-commerce delivery (including lockers)
  • Transit times - Amazon dominating in one-day Prime
  • Amazon's US fulfilment centre network and faster delivery times