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Postal Hub podcast

May 23, 2023

Cédric Hervet, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder at Kardinal, discusses a technology-assisted approach to delivery resource management.
  • How postal and parcel delivery companies manage resources
  • Deciding who does what and where, and moving beyond planning via spreadsheets
  • Productivity lost thanks to suboptimal route organisation
  • Maximising driver productivity
  • Advantages of drivers being familiar with their delivery area
  • Dealing with increasingly volatile parcel volumes in a stable parcel delivery structure
  • Avoiding the problem of subcontractors going out of business
  • Keeping good contractors
  • Using data and new methodology to create resilient, optimised delivery networks
  • Putting facts and data at the centre of discussions between delivery companies and subcontractors
  • Getting the balance right with delivery subcontractors and employees, including managing shift lengths and delivery route distances
  • Getting to the key number of what the last mile delivery cost is
  • DPD France case study
  • Advanced territory analytics and optimisation
  • Productivity improvements of up to 25%
  • Making better decisions based on the algorithm