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Postal Hub podcast

Jul 5, 2022

Roel Gevaers PhD, Professor in Last Mile Logistics and Supply Chain, University of Antwerp, joins me to talk about the log-com bubble. We cover:

  • Twenty years after the dot-com bubble, should we prepare for a log-com bubble?
  • Quick commerce, easy and cheap money, and the drive to acquire customers/market
  • The real business model of IT-driven quick commerce delivery companies such as Gorrilas and Getir
  • Business models that are unsustainable in the long term
  • Dark stores - mini distribution warehouses
  • Necessary density of dark stores to enable fast delivery
  • Amsterdam cracking down on dark stores
  • Operations inside dark stores
  • Delivery rider costs, and the real cost of delivery per order
  • Quick commerce start-ups setting up their own retail brands
  • Retailers such Carrefour and Jumbo buying shares in quick commerce (ultrafast) delivery companies
  • Investors in quick commerce and the end-game
  • What conditions will allow ultrafast delivery companies to survive?
  • Labour laws in Belgium that directly impact on e-commerce delivery and warehouse operations
  • Impact of labour costs and tax regimes on delivery and e-commerce operations