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Postal Hub podcast

Jun 7, 2022

Dr Anne Goodchild, Director of the Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics Center at the University of Washington, discusses urban logistics and parcel lockers, including: 

  • What the Urban Freight Lab is and how it works in understanding and testing urban freight solutions
  • Seattle Neighbourhood Delivery Hub - providing access to goods in neighbourhood-friendly modes
  • Collecting parcels by foot from parcel lockers, residential delivery via cargo bike, mobile lockers, and reducing the distances travelled by delivery vehicles
  • Emissions, safety, and pleasantness of neighbourhoods
  • Partnerships underpinning the Seattle Neighbourhood Delivery Hub pilot
  • Evaluation of the pilot - measurable reduction in miles travelled per parcel
  • Collaboration with carriers and local governments
  • Understanding impact on infrastructure and economics of last mile delivery
  • Ideal area for a cargo bike delivery service to cover
  • Can cargo bikes feasibly replace delivery vans?
  • Measurable reduction in emissions
  • Impact on speed of delivery
  • Community response
  • Delivering large and bulky items
  • Parcel lockers research, evaluating impact on operations, distance travelled, speed of delivery at the point of delivery and impact on curb space
  • The importance of data when evaluating the impact of e-commerce delivery on cities, including congestion and emissions