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Postal Hub podcast

Feb 15, 2022

Fraser MacLean, Managing Director at M&H Carriers, joins me to talk about remote delivery, operating an electric delivery fleet, two-person delivery, and what it's like running a regional carrier. We cover:

  • Fraser's career path
  • Delivering everything from B2C parcels through to pallets and freight
  • Partnerships with DPD, DX, and Pallet Track, and various retailers
  • Same-day delivery
  • Delivering to remote areas, including islands
  • Unattended delivery and delivery via local partners
  • Growth in e-commerce since the onset of the pandemic, even in remote areas
  • Real-life learnings from operating electric delivery vehicles
  • Updating depot infrastructure to charge EVs
  • Two-person delivery and its growth potential - including value-added services
  • Delivering parcels to remote areas - and rural/remote delivery surcharges
  • Delivery density and last mile costs
  • Rural and remote customers' reliance on e-commerce