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Postal Hub podcast

Dec 2, 2021

Anne Pardoe, Policy Manager for Post and Telecoms at Citizens Advice, joins me to discuss Citizens Advice’s recently published Parcel League Table:

  • Overview of Citizens Advice’s role as a consumer advocate in the UK delivery sector
  • Regulation of parcel delivery in the UK
  • Growth in number of customers' delivery complaints
  • Main categories of consumer delivery complaints
  • Issues for disabled customers when it comes to residential delivery
  • Examples of delivery complaints from customers
  • Evaluating customer service - including various data sources, including social media
  • Giving customers control and visibility of their parcel deliveries
  • Making it easier for customers to resolve delivery complaints
  • Delivery drivers’ experiences, and how that impacts on delivery quality
  • Tools to fix delivery issues and driver problems
  • Top 3 things delivery companies can do to improve their rating on the Citizens Advice league table
  • Out-of-home delivery in rural and remote areas - including Post Office Limited’s new deals with DPD and Amazon

Click here for more on the Citizens Advice Parcel League Table.