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Postal Hub podcast

Mar 29, 2021

Tony Walmsley, performance coach, profiling specialist, former professional manager, and founder of The Leaders Advisory, joins me to discuss creating high performance teams:

  • Dealing with stress in teams - in particular during peak season
  • Defining high performance for individuals and teams
  • Immersing teams in a productive environment
  • Understanding personality types
  • Why disengagement is at high levels in the workforce
  • Recruitment - including recruiting for peak season
  • Authentic management style - leading authentically, and self-awareness
  • Different roles in postal and delivery companies, and what that means for managing teams
  • Diversity of mindsets and keys to success in management
  • What staff members want from their managers
  • Workplace culture
  • External hires managing established teams
  • Unearthing the competitive advantage in teams - and how authenticity is central
  • Motivation and performance
  • Changes in senior executive management team and uncertainty in the rest of the organisation