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Postal Hub podcast

Apr 23, 2020

Cathy Morrow Roberson, founder and lead analyst at Logistics Trends & Insights, joins me to discuss the air cargo capacity crunch and modal shift:

  • Reduced numbers of flights
  • Essential vs non-essential cargo during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Repurposed passenger aircraft carrying cargo
  • Moving air cargo to rail
  • Rail’s advantages over air and sea (ocean) cargo
  • Mail trains running from China to Europe
  • Direct-to-consumer shipping from China
  • Speed of long-distance shipping
  • Will air cargo volumes recover post-coronavirus?
  • A recession and the impact on air capacity
  • Creative solutions - including Ukrposhta’s charter flight
  • Multi-modal transport
  • Domestic air cargo alternatives
  • Impact on Amazon Prime’s delivery promise
  • Meeting fast delivery demands without using aircraft
  • Inland ports / hubs
  • Rail congestion in the USA