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Postal Hub podcast

Mar 11, 2020

Ben Stickle, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at Middle Tennessee State University, joins me to discuss recent research he led into the porch piracy phenomenon:

  • Background to research into porch piracy
  • Reporting e-commerce parcel theft
  • Definition of porch piracy - the theft of parcels delivered to private property
  • Distinguishing porch piracy from mail theft
  • Who is stealing parcels? Is it organised or opportunistic?
  • How package thefts are being committed, including times when thefts occur
  • Prevention methods that residents can put in place (including concealment and removing the target)
  • Environmental criminology
  • Target hardening - making committing the crime difficult
  • Risk vs reward
  • A police perspective on porch piracy
  • Future research

Visit Ben Stickle’s website.

Download the full porch piracy report.