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Postal Hub podcast

Feb 10, 2020

Igor Smelyanksy, CEO at Ukrposhta (Ukraine Post) is my special guest. We cover:

  • The main drivers for domestic e-commerce growth in Ukraine
  • Staggering growth in inbound parcels - and the investments Ukrposhta has made to cope with the increasing volumes
  • How Ukrposhta is helping local businesses to sell online, including social media and webcasts
  • Streamlining induction of international outbound parcels
  • VAT on inbound international parcels
  • Postal banking
    • The process for Ukrposhta setting up a postal bank
    • How helping unbanked citizens set up bank accounts will stimulate commerce
    • Distribution of pensions
    • Regulatory and compliance hurdles
    • Competing with or complementing existing banks
  • Postal privatisation
    • Political changes that have already enabled modernisation at Ukrposhta
    • Ukrposhta’s plan to find a strategic investor to take a minority shareholding
    • Maintaining social obligations - including offering sustainable mobile postal services to areas with dwindling populations, without seeking a government subsidy
    • What privatisation means for employees
  • Environmental initiatives
  • Out-of-home parcel delivery vs residential delivery