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Postal Hub podcast

Dec 2, 2019

Alan Barrie, senior advisor for e-commerce and urban logistics at Transport for London, talks about how changes to delivery can improve air quality:

  • Overview of the types of vehicles on London’s streets
  • TfL’s responsibilities
  • The effect of London’s congestion charge
  • What the ULEZ (ultra low emission zone) means for the delivery sector
  • Reducing emissions and improving efficiencies in the last mile
  • Consumer-centric delivery solutions
  • The UK’s fractured PUDO networks
  • Parcel locker networks - open vs closed
  • Merchants’ role in striving for the most sustainable delivery options
  • Failed first-time residential deliveries - and the alternatives to home delivery
  • Alternatively powered vehicles (including electric vehicles, bikes, cargo bikes)
  • Micro delivery depots
  • Courier safety in the last mile
  • City logistics
  • B2B deliveries
  • Same-day delivery and its environmental impact
  • Road safety