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Postal Hub podcast

Jul 31, 2019

Pieter Kunz, senior advisor at Escher and an experienced international postal executive, joins me to continue our discussion on the changing world of delivery:

  • Striving to reduce costs while maintaining quality of service
  • Speed and frequency of letter delivery
  • Flexible delivery models
  • Volume declines, automation, and head count
  • Limitations on work hours, and part time work
  • Combining letters with parcels for delivery
  • Cases where it’s impossible or not necessary to combine letter and parcel delivery
  • Delivery vehicles
  • Increasing productivity in a large workforce
  • Redeploying staff internally and outside the company - and union engagement
  • Technology and productivity
  • AI and machine learning
  • Changing delivery speed
  • Introducing new services while trying to reduce costs
  • What do customers really want from a letter delivery service - certainty or price?
  • Why the USO isn’t a barrier to developing new delivery solutions