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Postal Hub podcast

Jul 16, 2019

Experienced international postal executive Pieter Kunz, senior adviser at Escher, covers change management in the postal and delivery sectors:

  • How can posts cope with change?
  • The conflicting needs of falling letter volumes and rising parcel volumes
  • Developing new services taking into account the USO and the dynamic nature of the parcel delivery market
  • Key talent for change management
    • People who understand customer needs
    • Network design
  • Transforming customer needs into services
    • Understanding needs
    • Speed and frequency of delivery
  • Technology as an enabler and disruptor of services
    • Automation and sequencing
    • Round sorting and network setup
  • Pushback from unions to plans to reduce headcount
    • Transparency and planning
    • The need to act
  • Technology in the last mile - including interacting with the recipient and optimising the last mile
  • Digital transformation in the post office
  • Franchising post office networks
  • Digital cannibalisation of over-the-counter business
  • Self-service terminals in post offices
    • Parcel lockers and kiosks
    • Customer acceptance of self-service
    • 24-hour access
  • The future of the post office
    • The size and shape of the network
    • Customer service