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Postal Hub podcast

Mar 11, 2019

Pierre Morin, International Relations at Canada Post, gives us an insider’s perspective on how the USA vs UPU battle has been progressing. We cover:

  • The impact on inbound international parcels on Canada Post’s bottom line
  • Shortcomings in the current international pricing arrangements
  • Comparing domestic parcel rates to inbound international parcels
  • Response to the USA’s announcement it intends to leave the UPU
  • The Universal Postal Coalition group of countries
  • Mail exporters, extra-territorial offices of exchange, and the single postal territory
  • The countries and postal operators benefiting from the current system
  • The remaining options being discussed at the UPU, and whether or not they will address the USA’s concerns and keep the USA in the UPU
  • How self-declared rates work and the implications for the sector
  • What’s next for the UPU to resolve the issue