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Postal Hub podcast

Mar 4, 2019

Angela Hultberg Head of Sustainable Mobility at the IKEA Group is my special guest. We cover:

  • How IKEA is partnering with delivery companies
  • IKEA’s vision for 100% zero emission delivery by 2025
  • Where IKEA is already using zero emission vehicles
  • The kind of vehicles IKEA is using to achieve its target
  • Why collaboration is central to meeting emissions targets
  • Charging infrastructure
  • Choosing vehicles that are appropriate for each market
  • The customer experience in delivery, including day-specific and time-slot delivery, and value added services via TaskRabbit.
  • How customer expectations are changing, and how that drives competition
  • Staying true to a company’s values in the face of competition - and how going for zero emissions impacts on fast delivery
  • Packaging - including minimising, eliminating, and recycling packaging