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Postal Hub podcast

Dec 4, 2023

Denmark has been at the vanguard when it comes to changes to letter delivery and digitisation of letter services. But new changes to the universal service obligation will have far-reaching implications for letter and parcel delivery in Denmark. Mindaugas Cerpickis and Jacob Østermann from Copenhagen Economics analyse...

Nov 28, 2023

Roel Gevaers, Professor in Last Mile Logistics and Supply Chain, University of Antwerp, discusses new Belgian legislation targeting last mile parcel delivery.

  • Definition of parcel delivery companies under the new law
  • Obligations on delivery companies
  • Minimum payment rates
  • Intention behind this legislation
  • Past...

Nov 21, 2023

Jack Hopkins, CEO and co-founder of Tradeaze - a same-day delivery service for the building and trades sector - shares how Tradeaze started and the delivery need it fills:

  • What drove Jack to found Tradeaze
  • The need for tradespeople (tradies) to have access to fast supply of parts
  • How the parts market works
  • How...

Nov 15, 2023

Thibault Guez, Out-of-Home Project Director Europe at Geopost, discusses out-of-home delivery, including PUDOs, parcel lockers, delivery preferences and more:

  • What is out-of-home delivery?
  • Size of Geopost's out-of-home network
  • Getting closer to the consignee
  • Dominance of residential B2C delivery in some...

Oct 30, 2023

Robert Jordan, CEO at the Information Factory, discusses how data can be used to drive profitability in delivery and logistics. We cover:

  • Harnessing logistics and delivery data
  • Data is not just about reporting
  • Falling letter volumes, volatile parcel volumes, labour pressures
  • Postal operators dealing with operational...