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Postal Hub podcast

Jul 30, 2018

The Trump Administration recently announced that privatisation is on the cards for the US Postal Service. Mark Fallon, President and CEO of the Berkshire Company, joins me to analyse the announcement. We cover:

  • What the announcement really means, including whether or not it is binding
  • The possibility of Congress...

Jul 23, 2018

Karlijn Krol from PostNL's Innovation Lab (Innovation Studio) joins me to talk about how posts can foster innovation:

  • The Innovation Lab's position within the PostNL management structure
  • The development cycle at the Innovation Lab
  • Customers' willingness to pay for a product or service
  • What the "moment of truth"...

Jul 16, 2018

Antonio Perini, CEO and founder of Milkman, joins me to talk about advanced e-commerce delivery options:

  • Competing on delivery service levels
  • Flexible delivery options
  • Giving customers the power to reschedule deliveries
  • The personalised delivery experience
  • Making flexible, time-slot delivery work in practice
  • The...

Jul 9, 2018

Three guests this week! First up, Marek Różycki from Last Mile Experts talks about Amazon's latest push into the last mile:

  • Is it a new idea?
  • Does it make sense for Amazon?
  • What does it mean for other carriers?

Then Duncan Buchanan, Policy Director at the Road Haulage Association,...

Jul 2, 2018

Patrick Gallagher, Group CEO CitySprint, is my special guest. We cover:

  • CitySprint's transformation from B2B only to include e-commerce time slot delivery via On The Dot
  • How the internet affected "traditional" B2B courier firms like CitySprint
  • The importance of branding
  • How technology drives same-day...