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Postal Hub podcast

Sep 14, 2022

Rob King, co-founder and CEO of Zedify, talks about his experience running a cargo bike delivery firm. We cover:

  • Creating better cities via zero emission deliveries
  • Delivering from urban micro-hubs
  • Decoupling trunking and last mile delivery
  • Consolidating consignments for local delivery
  • Partnerships with 3PLs
  • Recycling and reverse logistics
  • Case study of battery recycling
  • Practical aspects of delivering via cargo bikes
  • Cargo bike capacity
  • Short stem mileage
  • Technology making cargo bike delivery work
  • In-house developed route optimisation software
  • Carbon efficiency of cargo bikes compared with electric vans
  • Amazon's foray into cargo bike delivery in the UK
  • Rider satisfaction
  • Managing rider shifts
  • Evri's trial with Zedify
  • Future of last mile delivery
  • Differences in cargo bike delivery in different markets
  • Cleaner, safer city streets
  • Infrastructure for cargo bike delivery