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Postal Hub podcast

Dec 22, 2020

Marek Różycki and Dean Maciuba from Last Mile Experts join me to pore over some of the big delivery issues in 2020 and what lies ahead in 2021:

  • Increased operating costs due to COVID countermeasures
  • Residential delivery stops - drivers doing over 250 deliveries per day
  • Amazon’s own capacity for residential deliveries (USA)
  • Training for delivery drivers
  • B2B packages delivered to business addresses
  • Creating capacity in the last mile and the availability of vehicles
  • Are delivery companies worried about late deliveries?
  • Throttling volumes (refusing volumes from customers)
  • Technology (including interactive delivery management - IDM) and its importance to managing last mile capacity
  • Incentives to customers to choose out-of-home delivery options, including PUDOs (access points)
  • Residential delivery surcharges
  • Will merchants pass on delivery savings to the consumer?
  • Subscription models’ reliance on out-of-home delivery
  • Speed of delivery and alternatives to residential delivery
  • Retailers following Amazon in developing last mile capability
  • Alibaba delivering worldwide within 72 hours - and the environment
  • Amazon’s commitment to the last mile in the USA and around the world
  • Bricks-and-mortar retail and omnichannel
  • Click-and-collect (BOPIS) at Walmart and other retailers
  • Allocating retail floorspace to in-store fulfilment, click-and-collect or drive-thru options
  • E-commerce killing bad retail experiences
  • Small retailers leveraging delivery to become an omnichannel retailer
  • e-grocery’s growth in 2020 - and can it be made profitable?
  • Security of online grocery deliveries
  • Amazon and pharmaceuticals
  • UPS, FedEx and home healthcare
  • And finally… who said drones are stupid?