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Postal Hub podcast

Dec 7, 2020

Tom Day, Chief Commercial Officer and Chief Financial Officer at the International Post Corporation (IPC), joins me to discuss reducing emissions in the postal sector:

  • Six key aims for SMMS
  • Recyclable packaging products sold by postal operators
  • Reusable packaging products
  • The impact of 2020 on posts’ emissions reduction strategies
  • Workload for letter delivery compared to parcel delivery
  • Strategies postal operators are using to reduce last mile emissions
  • Electric vehicles and the source of electricity (renewable vs fossil fuel)
  • Life cycle analysis and the goal of reducing or eliminating carbon emissions
  • Rooftop solar panels and powering the post’s processing cycle during the night
  • Return on investment for renewables
  • Savings that can be driven by building inspections and proper building maintenance
  • Monitoring partner emissions (e.g. subcontractor drivers and franchised post offices)
  • Suppliers reporting emissions - and customer expectations of posts to report emissions
  • Government and customer pressure to reduce last mile emissions
  • The urgency of reducing emissions (compared to far-off carbon reduction targets)