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Postal Hub podcast

Oct 20, 2019

An Post CEO David McRedmond is my special guest this week, talking about the postal workforce:

  • How sustainability relates to the concept of decent work
  • What offering decent work means for the workforce and for customers
  • The connection between the post and the community
  • The flexibility of other work engagement models (such as the gig economy)
  • The pressure and innovation springing from e-commerce
  • The downsides of the gig economy on workers and society
  • The value of postal employees

Then Dean Maciuba, Director Consulting Services at Logistics Trends & Insights joins me to discuss smaller warehouses located closer to population centres:

  • Fulfilment centre location and speed of delivery
  • If costs per square metre increase, will e-commerce delivery costs go up?
  • Restocking fulfilment centres - the “middle mile”
  • Will last mile costs be less if fulfilment centres are closer to the consumer?
  • Size of the vehicle and implications for last mile costs
  • Congestion, emissions, and noise
  • Locations for urban fulfilment centres
  • Growth in industrial rents - and the factors behind this growth