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Postal Hub podcast

Oct 13, 2019

To kick off this episode, Marek Różycki (Last Mile Experts) and I discuss parcel hold times at parcel lockers. Then we get a bit carried away, covering:

  • How long a parcel should be held at a parcel locker
  • Refilling parcel lockers multiple times per day
  • How to encourage customers to collect parcels faster
  • Linking event management systems to customer rewards

I’m pleased to welcome back Ivan Čulo, CEO of Hrvatska pošta (Croatian Post) to talk about the new logistics centre and more:

  • The scale of the new logistics centre
  • Functions of the logistics centre - last mile and hub-and-spoke network
  • Consolidating locations and freeing up cash for reinvestment
  • The sale of Croatian Post’s pay-tv channel
  • Growth in e-commerce parcel volumes and the need for capacity
  • Productivity and competition in parcel delivery
  • Speed and quality of delivery
  • More customer-focused delivery services
  • Cross-border parcels - including issues with small inbound cross-border parcels and VAT thresholds