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Postal Hub podcast

Nov 30, 2020

Brexit and the STOP Act are almost upon us! These two events will reshape global cross-border e-commerce. Martyn Noble and David Spottiswood, co-founders of Hurricane Modular Commerce join me to discuss:

  • The countdown to Brexit - implications for countries inside and outside the EU
  • Is it too late to start planning for post-Brexit cross-border trade?
  • Data and customs
  • Why Brexit is a global problem, not just an EU problem
  • The need for quality data
  • Implications for posts if they’re not ready for Brexit and STOP Act - along with the challenges of ICS2 and VAT changes
  • Growth in cross-border volumes being carried by posts
  • What will happen to US-bound parcels without complete data (EAD/AED)? Will 700m parcels be returned? Who will pay? What about the environment?
  • Logistics networks designed to move parcels, not store parcels
  • Implications for air cargo capacity
  • Sweden’s imposition of VAT on inbound e-commerce shipments - and implications for collecting taxes and return of unclaimed parcels
  • Showing duties and taxes in e-commerce shopping cart - price transparency of fully landed cost
  • Avoiding the doorstep surprise
  • Demand outstripping capacity in air cargo
  • What postal operators have to do to get cross-border right, including:
    • Missing incomplete data (including HS6 codes), and vague descriptions
    • Shipper and consignee data
    • Valuation of contents
    • Prohibited and restricted goods, denied parties, and countries of origin
  • Opportunities for postal operators who get cross-border right - in both B2B and B2C
  • Reducing unit costs and growing profitability
  • Postal operators partnering with private carriers for cross-border shipments
  • Checking data and avoiding data leakage
  • C2C parcels: the final frontier!
  • Marketplace platforms and cross-border opportunities