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Postal Hub podcast

May 28, 2019

Wayne Haubner, CTO at the Escher Group, talks about advances in technology in the post office world:

  • Keeping POS technology simple while offering a greater range of over-the-counter transactions
  • The user experience and what that means for training costs and error rates
  • Integration between retail systems and other internal systems
  • Communicating between different POS platforms - including mobile POS - in real time
  • Advantages of in-store mobile POS
  • Pop-up retail stores (including parcel collection)
  • Cashierless stores, such as Amazon Go - could they work in the postal world?
  • Customer loyalty programmes and the in-store customer experience
  • How technology can help in finding new revenue streams
  • Automation and self-service in post offices
  • Real time data enabling customised delivery (interactive delivery management)
  • Integrity of data in cross-border shipping (including blockchain)