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Postal Hub podcast

Nov 16, 2021

Sharick Mirza, CEO at Assurety Consulting, and Rex Bull, CMO at Assurety Consulting, join me to talk about the cost and benefits of implementing a data analytics strategy for postal, delivery, and e-commerce operators:

  • Integrate different data sets, e.g. operations, transportation, delivery and sales, to create a single view of the customer and products (2:30)
  • Business transformation and workflow automation (4:30)
  • Integrating silos as part of business transformation (5:35)
  • The dangers of buying off-the-shelf technology without understanding if it is right for the business (7:30)
  • Difference between reports and analytics (8:00)
  • Machine learning, AI, and developing a business integration roadmap
  • Is AI just a buzzword? (10:45)
  • The questions CEOs and senior managers need to ask of IT leaders and potential suppliers (11:30)
  • Using data to predict parcel deliverability (13:30)
  • Make small improvements that translate into big savings (14:50)
  • Having a three-dimensional view of the business via data (16:40)
  • Case study, with insights into delivery, supply chain, sales, data warehousing, advanced analytics and the scale of the investment (17:20)
  • Breaking down silos in large enterprises (22:00)
  • The emergency room concept in breaking down silos and creating teams (22:50)
  • The costs and benefits of digital transformation through a data analytics strategy (23:55)