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Postal Hub podcast

Sep 14, 2020

Wayne Haubner, Escher Chief Technology Officer, and Ken Peterson, President, Customer Experience, QuestionPro, go in-depth on the future of contactless delivery and customer self-service:

  • Impact of the pandemic on contactless delivery
  • Pre-pandemic trends in self-service, such as parcel lockers and self-service terminals, as well as online
  • Easy wins for postal operators to offer contactless deliveries
  • Cost-effective customer-centric delivery tools
    • Self-serve kiosks - and reimagining what a self-service kiosk looks like
    • Reducing customer contact in payment
  • Accessibility of self-service options, for acceptance and drop-off of parcels
  • Will customers adopt contactless or self-service delivery experiences?
  • Physical signatures for delivery acceptance - what will the future hold?
  • Future identity verification systems - including digital ID
  • Proving a customer’s identity when collecting from a parcel locker
  • Delivery of alcohol, drugs, and high value items
  • The customer delivery experience
  • Increasing convenience without increasing cost while improving customer experience
  • Special trips to special locations are a thing of the past - and this might have implications for the post office network
  • What the data tells us for parcel delivery and customer touch points
  • Recognising customer preferences
  • Immediate, authentic customer feedback
  • Overcoming cultural resistance to real-time engagement with customers
  • Working from home - implications for delivery (first mile and last mile)