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Postal Hub podcast

Sep 20, 2023

Kardinal's Head of Business, Michael Anderson, discusses key findings from Kardinal's recent research into last mile strategy and last mile operations:

  • Understanding postal and delivery companies' priorities in the last mile
  • The importance of service quality in parcel delivery
  • Environment and sustainability as a high level strategic priority
  • Profitability
  • Getting fleet and depot design right and routes optimised
  • Pricing and rate negotiation
  • Price and quality of service
  • Organising last mile operations
  • Getting the employee and subcontractor mix right
  • Managing resources in the face of fluctuating parcel volumes
  • Residential and out-of-home delivery
  • Forecasting environmental impact of delivery fleets
  • Fleet conversion to low-carbon alternatives
  • Electric vehicle range
  • Volumetric challenges of different vehicles
  • Key challenges for the next decade in the last mile, including sustainability, service levels, and resource management
  • Reducing driver churn
  • Solutions to overcome some of these issues
  • Making data usable in planning and forecasting