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Postal Hub podcast

Sep 6, 2023

Brody Buhler, CEO at Escher Group discusses key findings from Escher's 2023 Future of Posts research. We cover:

  • Acceleration of letter volume declines
  • Fluctuating parcel volumes
  • Major challenges currently facing postal operators
  • Postal operators struggling to achieve profitability
  • Changing letter and parcel delivery
  • Capacity constraints or lack of parcel volumes?
  • Bringing inventory closer to the consumer
  • Delivery speed and revenue
  • Macroeconomic challenges: inflation, profitability erosion, and the reshaping of commerce
  • Postal strategy
  • Loss-making postal retail operations
  • Bringing digital enablement to physical locations
  • Increasing network utilisation
  • Growing cross-border volumes
  • Technologies to achieve strategic goals
  • Purpose-built self-service solutions
  • Parcel lockers