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Postal Hub podcast

Jul 27, 2023

Heleen Buldeo Rai, assistant professor at VUB, discusses her research into how urban logistics facilities can be good neighbours.

  • Warehouses and logistics centres getting closer to the city centre
  • What makes NYC an interesting city for studying urban warehouses
  • Population density, strength of e-commerce and zoning
  • Cross-docking operations in NYC
  • Delivery activities happening at the kerb/curb
  • Community ignorance of the supply chain
  • Friction between local residents and e-commerce logistics
  • Best practices for urban warehouses to be good neighbours
  • Regulatory frameworks
  • Streets accommodating personal mobility as well as delivery vehicles
  • The aesthetical aspect of urban warehouses
  • Eco transfer concept - consolidating urban parcels and using environmentally-friendly vehicles
  • Blocks and buffers
  • Organising traffic
  • Urban warehouses and cities' sustainability transitions
  • Reducing stem distance