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Postal Hub podcast

Jul 20, 2023

Daniel Rueda, CEO at Open Pricer, and Jonathan Bouaziz, CEO and co-founder at Kardinal, on the combined power of route optimisation and dynamic parcel pricing.

  • What parcel volume decreases mean for parcel and postal operators
  • Retaining delivery drivers
  • Optimising parcel margins - even to a postcode level
  • Parcel pricing variations by the day of the week
  • Improved cost modelling means improved pricing
  • Increasing capacity utilisation
  • Renegotiating parcel pricing with existing e-commerce customers
  • Dynamic parcel pricing at checkout
  • Breaking out delivery route profitability
  • More frequent updating of pricing models=
  • Environmental benefits of the new Kardinal / Open Pricer partnership
  • Modelling and simulations of environmental impact of delivery decisions