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Postal Hub podcast

Jun 30, 2023

Kate Muth, Executive Director at IMAG, discusses cross-border delivery and the US Postal Service, including:
  • USPS plans for international mail
  • USPS's focus on domestic matters and business
  • What pushed USPS rates high?
  • Why USPS lost business during COVID
  • What's the plan to win business back
  • Competing on price
  • Alternatives to competing on price
  • Highlights of USPS research on international mail
  • Decline in international revenue
  • Net importer or net exporter of mail?
  • List being the carrier of last resort, even in international sales.
  • Stopping illicit substances in the mail
  • AED / EAD
  • Changing the de minimis threshold
  • Where illicit drugs are entering the US and the mailstream
  • AED on letters and large letters (flats)
  • US legislation impacting the postal sector creating global standards
  • WILDS - Women in Logistics and Delivery Sector - update