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Postal Hub podcast

May 2, 2023

Dean Maciuba, Managing Partner (USA) for Crossroads Parcel Consulting, shares some insights into the negotiations between UPS and the Teamsters - the union representing UPS employees.

  • UPS driver employment model - including a lower-paid class of driver
  • Why are these negotiations attracting so much media attention?
  • Change in Teamsters leadership and implications for negotiations with UPS
  • The relationship between UPS management and UPS employees
  • UPS communicating with drivers and ramifications for contract negotiations
  • Key issues: Wage stagnation, health-related issues in UPS trucks, and second-tier drivers
  • What happened during the 1997 UPS strike - including how customers tried to get parcels into the FedEx network
  • What’s different: More regional carriers, more forward stocking fulfilment centres, the presence of Amazon with its own last mile capability
  • Retailers potentially losing sales to Amazon if UPS can’t deliver
  • Importance to carriers of controlling intake of packages
  • US industrial relations and the role of the US President
  • Could UPS drivers be compelled to return to work if they strike?
  • The role of Roadie in all this
  • UPS has an advantage over FedEx thanks to Roadie
  • Other employees in the UPS network, e.g. aircraft operations support and handlers at hubs
  • UPS leveraging its poor Q1 earnings as part of negotiations