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Postal Hub podcast

Apr 12, 2023

It's episode 300! First up, Dean Maciuba (Crossroads Parcel Consulting) briefly discusses FedEx's plans to merge its Ground and Express delivery networks.

Then the USPS Inspector General, Tammy Whitcomb Hull, joins me to discuss the role of the Inspector General.

  • The role of Watergate in the origins of Inspector General roles
  • Oversight of the US Postal Service and Postal Regulatory Commission
  • Law enforcement agents
  • Audits into efficiency of the USPS
  • Research and Insights Solution Centre (RISC)
  • Contrasting the USPS OIG with other Inspector Generals, such as the State Department
  • Field review team in post offices and mail processing centres
  • Why the US Postal Service needs an Inspector General
  • Investigating crimes that put the Postal Service at risk
  • Ensuring the integrity of the Postal Service
  • Difference between the USPS OIG and the Postal Inspection Service
  • How the USPS OIG uses data in its work
  • The correlation between parcel weight and postie injuries
  • What the Inspector General does
  • Tammy Whitcomb Hull's career path
  • Mentoring withing the USPS OIG
  • The Megan J Brennan Award for Excellence
  • Women in the postal and logistics sectors