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Postal Hub podcast

Apr 4, 2023

Paul Buijs, Assistant Professor in the Department of Operations at the University of Groning, and co-author of “A greener last mile: Reviewing the carbon emission impact of pickup points in last-mile delivery,” joins me to discuss just how green out-of-home delivery might be:

  • Defining pickup points (out-of-home alternatives to residential delivery)
  • Out-of-home (OOH) delivery improving delivery route efficiency
  • Reducing distance travelled by delivery vehicles
  • Finding parking spots and time spent parking
  • Time savings
  • Transport used by customers collecting from OOH delivery points
  • Measuring customers' tailpipe emissions when collecting OOH deliveries
  • Impact of distance on consumers' decision-making process in choosing transport means
  • Combining trips to collect parcels - trip chaining
  • Using pickup points (OOH delivery) to reduce emissions
  • Electric vehicles and collecting from PUDOs / parcel lockers
  • Does OOH lose any emissions advantage as EVs become prevalent?
  • Limitations on efficiency and impact on tailpipe emissions
  • Consumers and delivery companies driving OOH adoption