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Postal Hub podcast

Feb 21, 2023

When is a contractor not a contractor? Roel Gevaers, Professor in Last Mile Logistics and Supply Chain, University of Antwerp, discusses proposed legislation that will directly impact postal and delivery contractors:

  • Background to proposed legislation targetting sham contracting / false self-employment
  • Legislation only focuses on postal and parcel delivery drivers
  • BIPT (postal regulator) will administer the legislation, meaning gig economy platforms are exempt
  • Obligations on every postal or parcel company to monitor contractors / sub contractors
  • Delivery sector needs to crack down on illicit behaviour
  • Workload on BIPT
  • Should existing legislation be better enforced rather than introducing new legislation?
  • Different contracting models, including vehicle ownership, and work for other carriers
  • How the legislation could change the contractor relationship
  • Broad-based opposition to the legislation
  • Impact on last mile costs
  • Will delivery companies base themselves in The Netherlands to avoid compliance with Belgian legislation?
  • Will the legislation in its current form protect workers from exploitation?
  • Heightened interest in electrifying delivery fleets