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Postal Hub podcast

Feb 13, 2023

Logistics and quick delivery expert Quaid Combstock discusses the state of quick commerce, q-commerce and ultrafast delivery. We cover:

  • Is the ultrafast local delivery model viable?
  • Operational and financial perspectives on q-commerce
  • Death of the 15-minute SLA
  • Access to "dark stores" in different markets
  • Inability to batch orders with 15-minute delivery guarantee
  • Ultrafast grocery delivery operators introducing their own retail ranges
  • The need to increase margins
  • The end game for fast delivery start-ups
  • Availability of investor funds
  • Merger and acquisition activity
  • Is GoPuff looking to acquire?
  • What has changed for venture capitalists looking at the delivery sector
  • FOMO and VCs
  • Competition, profitability, and proof of concept
  • Is there a path to profitability?
  • What postal and parcel operators need to know
  • Understanding time-sensitive customers
  • Hyper local collection and delivery