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Postal Hub podcast

Jan 30, 2023

Ann Snitko, Chief Product Officer at Omnic, discussing parcel locker network strategy, including optimisation, co-opetition, open networks, and real-time locker management.

  • State of the parcel locker market
  • The human issues around parcel lockers
  • Why growth isn't sustainable in some markets
  • Optimising the loading process for parcel lockers
  • Carrier specific vs carrier agnostic vs open networks
  • Co-opetition in parcel lockers - creating an open platform
  • Planning and policy matters relating to parcel lockers
  • Sustainability in parcel delivery
  • Could parcel lockers be considered infrastructure
  • Strategy for parcel lockers and alternative delivery
  • How ecommerce brands fit into this delivery ecosystem
  • Managing parcel locker capacity in real time

Omnic website: