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Postal Hub podcast

Jan 23, 2023

Has postal reform had any effect on the US Postal Service? Mike Plunkett, President at PostCom, and Mark Fallon, President of the Berkshire Company, discuss the impacts of recent legislative reform:

  • Why reform of the US postal system is important to the rest of the world
  • UPU reforms show US is willing to take the lead
  • Main components of the Postal Service Reform Act 
  • Mandated six-day-a-week delivery
  • Pre-payment of future retiree benefits
  • Will removal of this burden have an impact on postal rates?
  • Limitations on the USPS's ability to raise its rates
  • Monitoring and transparency on delivery performance
  • Queries over the reported delivery volumes
  • Is it important to track letter delivery service performance?
  • Flats processing (large letters, catalogues and periodicals)
  • Revenue vs costs for processing flats
  • Processing equipment for flats
  • Providing government products and services via the USPS post office network
  • Are post office closures on the USPS agenda?
  • Integrated package and mail services network
  • Drone delivery
  • Is there more postal reform to come?
  • Will the USPS expand beyond its borders?