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Postal Hub podcast

Dec 5, 2022

There’s a lot of talk in our sector about sustainable logistics and green delivery… but how can it actually be done? Johan Peeters, an expert in sustainable logistics, talks about the role logistics and delivery plays in creating liveable cities:

  • What is emission-free delivery?
  • Eliminating tailpipe emissions and sourcing green electricity
  • Creating healthier and liveable cities
  • How do delivery companies fit into the concept of creating healthier cities?
  • Creating different delivery options to offer to e-commerce retailers and consumers
  • Value of green space to delivery companies and to people
  • 15-minute cities and walkable cities
  • Impact of car-free zones on last mile delivery
  • Changing customer delivery preferences
  • Customer experience and convenience when it comes to last mile delivery
  • Sustainable profits
  • Cost pressure on delivery, including last mile wage costs
  • How delivery companies - including postal operators - can tackle the changing demands of the sustainable last mile
  • Leveraging the experience that resides in the postal company
  • Changing delivery vehicle, and what that means for volume and drop density
  • Convenient solutions for customers - can doorstep delivery be sustainable?
  • What form might convenience take for residential and out-of-home delivery?
  • Drop density, efficiency, and network design