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Postal Hub podcast

Oct 3, 2022

Caryn-Ann Allen, Associate Director of Sustainability at DPDgroup, joins me to discuss DPDgroup’s strategy for achieving net carbon zero:

  • DPDgroup's 2040 net zero target submitted to SBTi
  • DPDgroup's interim target for 2030
  • Why decarbonisation and lower emissions is important to DPDgroup's partners and customers
  • How science-based targets work
  • Getting to net zero across DPDgroup's entire business, including first mile, last mile, buildings, line haul, and company cars
  • Shifting to electric vehicles in the first and last mile
  • Going fully electric in 350 European cities
  • Decarbonising line haul operations - including electric trucks and hydrogen
  • EV charging infrastructure
  • Addressing urban logistics challenges in different cities
  • Going beyond electric vehicles
  • Reducing distances from delivery hubs to recipients
  • Urban depot network in Europe
  • Low-emission alternatives to vans
  • Consumer delivery preferences differing from market to market, for example some markets preferring out-of-home delivery
  • What do consumers consider to be sustainable delivery?
  • How consumer behaviour influences sustainable delivery
  • Focusing on first-time delivery
  • Raising consumer awareness of sustainability in delivery
  • Reporting on emissions in delivery
  • Urban depot trial delivering via cargo bikes as well as functioning as a PUDO
  • Dressing room in PUDO
  • Using urban spaces differently, for example transforming car parks into parcel distribution points
  • Ecosystem thinking
  • Understanding sustainability beyond the last mile
  • E-commerce packaging
  • ReLove initiative handling pre-loved clothing
  • Stuart (France) collecting electronics for second life
  • Creating a network that supports the circular economy